Swingin’ Seniors

WGANC Swingin' Seniors Golf Tournament at Orinda Country Club

2017 Swingin’ Seniors at Orinda Country Club

Three flights of golfers played at this year’s Swingin’ Seniors at Rossmoor Golf Club and Orinda Country Club, both in the East Bay area. Barbara Azevedo and Emlen Ehrlich, both of the Olympic Club won Flight A Gross with a combined 2-days 64 Stableford Points. Marti Lathrop, Valley Hi and Joanna Duran, Serrano won Flight A Net with a combined 2-day 90 Stableford Points.

You may view all WINNERS RESULTS here.  View WINNERS PHOTOS here.  ALL players photos on Shutterfly page here.

A Joint Announcement

The following Joint Communication Statement was released September 6, 2017 by WGANC, PWGA and NCGA.

“We are pleased to announce that the WGANC, PWGA, and NCGA have agreed to a two-year collaboration plan to support golfers in the Northern California community with a variety of services, including the regional administration and issuance of each member’s Handicap Index. In addition to continuing the WGANC and PWGA programs, services, and other benefits, all members will receive full NCGA membership benefits during this timeframe. The previously communicated WGANC and PWGA vote regarding potential merger/unification will not be needed until 2019 as a result of this highly collaborative process. The WGANC, PWGA, and NCGA leadership fully supports this agreement, and thanks the USGA for their assistance, as we all work together to foster a sustainable and vibrant future for golf in our region.”

Signed by: Kim Algren, President of WGANC, Nancy Boggs, PWGA President, Pat Quinn, NCGA President

What does this mean for WGANC members? The following is a brief explanation.

Commencing in 2018, WGANC, PWGA and NCGA have entered into a two-year collaboration agreement during which time all WGANC programs, services and other benefits will continue. WGANC will retain independence to manage its own operations.

NCGA will collect a $39 membership fee from each WGANC member during the two-year collaboration/transition period. The $39 fee will include the following benefits:
· Official USGA Handicap Index
· WGANC membership with full benefits and services
· NCGA membership with full benefits and services

A specific portion of the $39 fee will be rebated to WGANC for it to continue its independent operations and provide all its current services and benefits to its members. No additional membership dues or fees will be required or paid to WGANC by its members for 2018 and 2019. WGANC will, however, continue to bill directly each member club the $50 per year fee. Specific details for the individual membership of the NCGA $39-fee renewal and billing will be worked out by the three organizations by October 31, 2017.

Benchmarks will be established for NCGA and WGANC to meet to determine if unification is the best way to serve our members going forward in 2020.

The previous plan for a WGANC membership vote regarding “stand-alone” or potential unification with NCGA is cancelled and delayed until the summer of 2019.

The WGANC Board of Directors thanks you for your patience during the past several months and we look forward to 2018.

Kim Algren, President

A Recent Update from our President

August 31, 2017

WGANC President, Kim Algren

WGANC President, Kim Algren

Dear Members,

On Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at the request of USGA, WGANC, PWGA, and NCGA and USGA met. The negotiations with NCGA are continuing and we hope that a mutually advantageous resolution can be obtained. Because of the ongoing nature of these negotiations and the fact that they were undertaken in a confidential setting, we cannot provide specifics at this time.

Until these negotiations are finalized, the transmission of the Notice of Special Meeting and Ballot will be put on hold. We anticipate the negotiations to be finalized within the next 7 to 10 days and a report of the status will be provided to you at that time.

Kim Algren
President – WGANC




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