An Update from our President

WGANC President, Kim Algren

WGANC President, Kim Algren

Dear Members,
Our Emergency Regional Meetings are continuing on schedule, and for those members who could not attend a scheduled meeting, we are hopeful that we will be able to accommodate them via a series of telephone conference calls, as well. So far, there has been great enthusiasm at these events and members leave with a new purpose.

Because USGA, to date, has declined to offer handicapping services to WGANC, by declining our application to become an Affiliated Golf Association, or by directly licensing WGANC, our membership will have to decide how they wish to proceed in the future. The purpose of these meetings was to educate the Captains and/or Delegates on the options available so that they could then take the knowledge they gained back to share with their individual club members. Our options are:

(1) Remain a stand-alone association offering the same benefits and services as in the past and remaining a major voice for women’s golf in Northern California and a leader for the future of women’s golf through our Junior Girls Golf programs. The only change is that we will no longer be able to offer handicapping services. Membership fee will be $25 per member. (The price of a few sleeves of balls!)

(2) Assimilate into NCGA and dissolve WGANC. You will obtain your handicap and receive all benefits of being an NCGA member for $39 per year. NCGA cannot guarantee that WGANC’s current Tournaments and Open Days will continue unless former WGANC members volunteer to work those events and agreements to waive green fees can be obtained from the various venues.

(3) Dissolve the Association at the end of 2017. All remaining assets on dissolution shall be distributed to a non-profit fund, foundation, or, corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and is a Section 501(c)(3) exempt entity.

Essentially, should your club vote to remain a WGANC member and be a stand-alone association, the cost would be $25 for our membership fee ($5 less than last year), plus the $39 fee to NCGA for your handicap services.

Our Notice of Special Meeting and Ballot will be emailed to the delegates on August 31, 2017. Each delegate will vote, via email or mail, pursuant to the directive of its club members, on or before September 12, 2017.

For those members who would suggest that WGANC is no longer relevant, let me share with you the sentiment of an older member at one of our WGANC clubs: “I am of an age when I no longer participate in Open Days or tournaments, but that won’t stop me from supporting WGANC. We need to continue for the future of women’s golf, to make sure there is a woman’s voice for our daughters and granddaughters and that they have an organization that represents them and whose sole function is to support women’s golf for all handicap ranges.” Women have come so far in the game of golf over the past 110 years. In fact, the biggest growing segment of the golf industry is junior girls who WGANC specifically supports. Do you want to preclude the next group of young women from enjoying Open Days and tournaments as you may have done in the past?

Kim Algren
President – WGANC


The NEW Two Person Scramble is Done and was a Success!

Go to our Tournament Results page to view the Winners Results.

Hole 9, Mira Vista

This was our first time running a Two-Person Scramble.  It was slightly-less competitive with a friendly and fun format.  Scores were still tallied and awards were given. The first day of the tournament was held at Mira Vista Golf & Country Club in Berkeley hills. The second day was held at Contra Costa Country Club in Pleasant Hill.  We had 108 members come out to play this tournament.

See Tournament Results and Photos…

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