The 2017 WGANC Pendant Winners

Thank you to everyone for participating in the WGANC Pendant Award Program (formerly known as ‘Northern Pin’). We had 60 clubs respond with the names of their winners. We would like to congratulate all the winners in 2017.

View a list of all the winners here…

Open Day LOIs

What does LOI stand for anyway:  Letter of Invitation.  Open Day LOIs are always posted on our website calendar.  Click CALENDAR, ALL EVENTS. Then scroll to the month the Open Day is being held.  You will find the Open Day highlighted in teal. Click that. Once on the OD page you will see a pdf link. Click the pdf link. (Green, underlined). This will open a new tab where the LOI is.  You may download and save or you may print.

2018 Tournament Dates & Regional Meeting Dates

All Tournament Dates and Regional Meeting Dates are finally decided. You can find them all on this one printable pdf.

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