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LPGA and College Players in 18 Hole Women’s Group

Contra Costa Country Club is dealing with the following two issues and would like to know if you have dealt with these at your club?

  1. Does your club allow LPGA teaching professionals to be members of your 18 Hole Women’s Group and play in their weekly games and tournaments?
  2. Does your club allow daughters playing on a college golf team to play with your 18 Hole Women’s Group?  If yes, do they have any restrictions?

Debbie Pellegrini.

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There were 38 responses.

Ten clubs responded that their by-laws do not allow for LPGA players or daughters on college golf teams to be members of their 18 Hole Women’s Groups.

Seventeen clubs responded that they haven’t encountered either situation at their club.
The remaining responses were as follows:

Debra Duckering of Fort Washington Golf and Country club said that LPGA teaching professionals are welcomed as long as they qualify as a member of the club. And that daughters are only able to play in father/daughter or mother/daughter events.  In order to be eligible to belong to or play in the Women’s 18 Hole Group you must be a golf member or spouse.

Janet Haire of Lake Merced said the following “A club’s teaching pro cannot be a member of the 18-hole women’s group unless she is a club member herself or she is the spouse (or significant other) of a member. Regarding the second question, I guess the question is probably “Can a daughter (younger than 25) of a member join the women’s group since only members can play in the members only events?” I have heard about this years ago.  This has not been an issue at Lake Merced but has happened at other clubs.  I think we would allow daughters to play as guests but not as members.”

Diana Sworakowski of Pasatiempo Golf Club said that LPGA members may play for sweeps in our weekly games.  They may not play in major tournaments.  They may participate in Guest Days but a blind draw must be used for their score.  And that yes, daughters of members playing on a college golf team may join our 18 Hole Women’s Group if they are paid members of Pasatiempo, and satisfy the requirements set out in our group’s Bylaws and Procedures Manual.  They have no restrictions.

Erika Corradi of The Olympic Club stated that LPGA Professionals can be members of OC and the WGN (18 Women’s group). They cannot compete in amateur events. They can play but not compete. Daughters can play in the group if they are OC members and if they have joined the group. Otherwise the only time they can play is if there is a guest day as any other guest would.

Mary Maag of Blackhawk Country Club said the following: “At Blackhawk we do allow all women to join, we had a member who was LPGA member, she joined us for the social aspect. We do have Standing Rules which state that amateurs only can play in our invitational and all WGANC events. Daughters of members may join BWGA anytime, no matter where they play. if not joining,  they can only play in invitationals or guest days.”

Pam Stiles of Spring Creek Golf and Country Club said the following: “We have a PGA Teaching Pro who is a member at Spring Creek.  She wanted to be able to join our 18 hole ladies group and play.  Last year we changed our policy on Golf Professionals as follows:  ‘Golf Professionals must have an established 18 hole index to join Spring Creek Women’s Golf Club.  They may play and compete in all events with the exception of the Championship Tournament.’ And that daughters on college golf teams can play without any restrictions.”

JoAnne Leete of Discovery Bay Country Club stated that an LPGA teaching professional could play if she was a member of the 18 hole ladies group.  A daughter of a member who plays for a college team can play if she is a member of the group or on a guest day.

Sherian Hornbeak of Butte Creek Country Club stated that if an LPGA player wanted to play with our ladies group, she may do so but not participate in the competition or sweeps. Daughters of lady members who play on a college golf team would be allowed to play IF she paid her ladies club dues and carried a WSCGA current handicap.

Joyce Ayerza of Kings Country Club said the following: “Our club does not have any LPGA members and never has had any LPGA members, therefore we have never had to address this problem. We have one member with a girl that is on a college golf team.  She is allowed to play with the ladies group on play days, but is excluded from participating in our Club Championship and Team Play with other clubs.”

Pat Yates of La Rinconada Country Club said the following: “La Rinconada does not have a policy either to allow or disallow a female LPGA teaching professional to be a member of the women’s 18 hole group.  Although we did have a female teaching professional, the question never came up and she never played with the group on a regular basis. La Rinconada does not have a policy specifically directed at daughters playing on a college golf team.  However, we do have a written policy with regard to Junior Golfers.  This policy states that Junior Golfers may play with the Group but are not eligible for Sweeps, tournaments or Guest Days.  This policy would apply to daughters playing on a college golf team also.”

Nancy Midcalf of Sunnyside Country Club said that LPGA players are not allowed. However, that daughters on college golf teams can play but cannot receive any prizes due to college rule restrictions prohibiting such.