The Women’s Golf Association of Northern California has been active for over a century. Most of the Association’s early records come from a small battered cash book dating from 1907, noting the club dues were $10.00. Clubs paying dues in 1908 were Menlo, San Francisco, Presidio, Claremont and Del Paso (Sacramento).

The first tournament held by WGANC was the Championship Tournament in 1908 with entry fees of $3.00 and there were 22 entries. The organization remained dormant during World War I, but by 1921 the activity began again as there were 17 member clubs. In 1936, there were 40 member clubs and in 1941 Red Cross Days were held at certain tournaments, and proceeds were turned over to the Red Cross Chapter.

1967 listed 70 member clubs and 3,464 individual members. 1976 saw a rise to 77 clubs and 10,478 members with 64 juniors. For 1987 there were 14 Board members, 1 Advisor, 1 Director-at-Large, and 1 USGA Advisor, 90 member clubs and 14,147 individual members.

We are proud to list over 105 member clubs and over 11,000 individual members which includes over 73 active Junior Girls.

This web site has been developed to assist our members with information pertaining to WGANC, Open Days, Tournaments, Course Rating, Handicapping, Rules and any other information needed.

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