Welcome 2015 Ambassadors and members!

We continue to expand the Ambassador Program by sharing information from club to club, encouraging members to enter tournaments, to sign up for Open Days, and to support junior girls’ golf programs. We do it all as we expand our friendships throughout Northern California.

The Ambassador Program wants to be there for you: to share your successes; ask questions and receive information from the 106 Clubs in the WGANC. The Ambassador is the liaison between your club, other clubs and the WGANC. To communicate with other Ambassadors, please email your message to Cindy Taylor, Ambassador Director at The message will go out to all the Ambassadors. You will be asked to respond within a limited period of time and sign your name, club affiliation and email address.

Ambassadors share this information with others within their club. And all members are encouraged to view the questions and answers that were presented in previous years that are here in the FAQs.