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A Look at Our Benefits

  • 70 Open Days per year, where no green fee is charged. Great friendships are formed at these competitive-friendly events!  View our 2018 Schedule of Open Days here…

    Wondering what all this talk about “OPEN DAYS” is all about? Here’s a little info. I just ran a comparison of the cost difference to play 7 Open Days at these amazing courses: Olympic Club (Ocean), Pasatiempo, Monterey Peninsula Country Club, Meadow Club, Del Paso, Winchester, Sonoma Golf Club. As a non WGANC Member it will probably cost you over $1,100 to play all 7 of them – and it’s almost impossible to play them without a member. As a member of WGANC playing all of those 7 courses in an Open Day would cost you roughly $485. If you just play in 1 Open Day you save on what you would normally would pay to play and that’s your $39 savings right there!

  • 9 major tournaments. View the 2018 schedule of tournaments here…

  • Free Rules seminars.

  • Educational Meetings – break-out sessions on how to run tournaments, rules education, great net-working with other clubs on how to grow membership or any other topics.

In Addition to Open Days and Tournaments

WGANC offers Much More

In 2017 WGANC awarded 32 grants in the amount of $19,880 for junior girls’ golf. The grants are designed to supplement Junior Girls Golf Program. For example one team had always had to borrow the boys’ tennis shirts as their uniform, and by getting the grant they were able to buy their own team shirts for the first time.

WGANC sponsors 4 high school tournaments reaching out to over 400 junior girls.

WGANC is also working closely with the CAG, the California Alliance for Golf. This California based organization works on finding ways to improve irrigation, reduce agricultural run-off, and golf course maintenance. Through the CAG the California golf industry began reducing its water footprint years ago.

WGANC provides education, competitive and social opportunities to support and promote women’s golf.