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  1. WGANC was formed in 1907 as a golf association for women belonging to the private clubs of Northern California.  Today we have 104 member clubs in the Northern California area from Tulare County to the Oregon border with over 11,000 members.
  2. WGANC offers handicap services through the Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN), a subsidiary of the USGA.  We provide instruction in handicap procedures and offer training in the Tournament Pairing Program (TPP).  We have a talented and informative office staff to answer your questions.  We also provide handicap services for the Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association (WNHGA).
  3. WGANC supports Junior Golf with an emphasis on Junior Girls.  We do not charge for handicap services for girls under age 18.
  4. WGANC Course Rating Committee rates women’s tees for our member clubs and select non-member clubs.
  5. WGANC Rules Committee members officiate at our tournaments and other women’s amateur tournaments held throughout Northern California.
  6. WGANC Rules Committee provides regional and individual club Rules Seminars to enhance understanding of the rules of golf.
  7. WGANC has members who serve as USGA committee members for the benefit of women’s golf in Northern California.
  8. WGANC acts in an advisory capacity for all golf matters for the member clubs and its individual women members.
  9. WGANC conducts ten (10) major tournaments each year and over seventy (70) Open Days.
  10. WGANC has Regional Meetings for members in February.  These meetings are educational tools for the women’s groups.  Breakout sessions cover Handicap, Tournament, Open Days and Rules.
  11. WGANC produces a newsletter 3 times a year.  Our web site,, lists all of the activities and current news of the Association.  Our Green Book is available for all of the members of the Association through their women’s 18-hole groups.