Course Ratings

How Often do Courses Have to be Rated?

Our association, WGANC, operates under the guidance of the United States Golf Association.  Their license agreement states courses must be re-rated at least every ten years.  This makes sense, as small changes occur constantly and, after ten years, these changes could amount to quite a difference in Course Rating or Slope. Obviously, trees grow, bunkers are added or removed, and even hole lengths may have been changed without the knowledge of the Association in charge of the rating.  The change that makes the biggest impact, is the height of the rough.  A 1 inch change in warm season rough height will change the Rating by as much as 0.7 and 5 on the Slope!  This would certainly have quite an impact on a player’s Handicap Index.

WGANC re-rates their courses every 8 years, unless major changes have been made.  Often, changes are made to a hole, or a few holes, so the course is visited and reviewed for those changes. The Rating/Slope is adjusted if necessary.  We have to depend upon the officers or pros at the club to notify us if they need a review.  Any change in yardage is very important, as it has a high impact on the Rating and Slope. 

Our highly trained and dedicated committee of volunteers works hard to rate courses all over Northern California so all golfers are able to post scores at any course they play. This information feeds directly into the USGA GHIN Handicap System. And this system helps create equity among all golfers. Everyone works together to give back to the game.