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February 14, 2018

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The Green Books have been Delivered…

The 2018 Green Books have arrived at the Clubs to the attention of WGANC Captains.  Make sure to pick one up next time you are at your club!


A Note About Golf from One of WGANC’s New Board of Directors

Dianna Stein,
Central Valley Area Director
February 14, 2018

Although I had been “golfing” for decades, it wasn’t until my husband and I joined our local country club and I decided to join the women’s golf group that I had my first lesson on the intricacies of becoming a “good” golfer.

First, I had to establish a handicap. Somehow I had never really thought about how one did that as it related to golf. Soon my new women golf friends were explaining to me the meaning of indexes, course slope, GHIN numbers and posting. This was supposed to be fun! I accepted the challenge and anticipated that my handicap would reflect my hard work and soon I would be sporting as low a handicap as many of the women twenty years my senior.

I was the one that used to say to my husband on our Sunday afternoon golf outings, “Quit taking this
game so seriously! It’s supposed to be fun!” Now that I was…

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Rules Corner: My Ball is right here!  How can it be Lost?!

Suzanne Olsen,
Certified Rules Official, WGANC & NCGA

February 14, 2018

This month I’m going to cover another Definition: Lost Ball.  What could be so hard about that?  If you can’t find a ball, it’s lost, right?  Actually you can find a ball, even within the current 5 minute search-time limit, and it may still be “lost” under the Definitions! (I could go on and on with questions about why the governing bodies didn’t use a different term, like dead, out of play…..)

A ball is deemed “lost” if:

  1. It is not found or identified as his by the player within five minutes after the player’s side or his or their caddies have begun to search for it; or

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70 Open Days for the 2018 Season

We have 70 Open Days per year, where no green fee is charged. Great friendships are formed at these competitive-friendly events!

Click here for Open Day list…


The Second Open Day of the Year is…
Contra Costa Country Club

The second Open Day of 2018 is Contra Costa Country Club on March 1, 2018.   The Letter of Invitation outlining all details is already available on our website Calendar. Mark YOUR calendars and hope to see you there!

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Our Own 2 Ike Grainger Award Recipients

Dianna Stein,
WGANC Central Valley Area Director

February 1, 2018

Congratulations to Sheri Erskine and Sally Tomlinson, who will be traveling to Miami, Florida for the February 3 USGA Annual Meeting to be honored as two of 16 volunteers nationally for 25 years of service.  The Ike Grainger Award is presented each year to recognize men and women across the United States who have been instrumental in the growth, development and success of the USGA because of the dedication of these volunteers.

Sheri Erskine has spent countless hours traveling across the United States over the years, serving on the Course Rating, Handicap and Handicap Procedure Committees.  “Although it was a big commitment, the benefits were amazing. It was a great, enjoyable part of my life,” Sheri reflects.  “I had a small hand in working on handicapping that is the system used all over the world.”  Sheri also enjoyed the benefit of walking with the Rules Committee for 13 US Women’s Opens and three US Men’s Opens.


Sally Tomlinson has been involved with the Junior Golf Association of Northern California and has volunteered with the USGA Girls Junior Committee.  “Although I may be prejudiced, I feel it’s the best committee going, because the girls are fun and the tournaments are fun!”  Sally has watched as junior golf has become more competitive but stresses that “There are many opportunities to get an education with a golf scholarship if you work hard.”

Ike Grainger was a former president of the USGA and was one of the country’s leading authorities on the Rules of Golf.  Grainger, who lived to be 104, chaired the USGA Rules Committee six times.


WGANC Most Improved Golfers, Part 3

By Lynda Donahue
Assistant Tournament and Social Media Director
February 1, 2018

Continuing with the final Part 3 about the many wonderful members who have been awarded MIP at their club. WGANC awards a perpetual trophy to the Most Improved Junior Golfer each year. Part 2 of this article will share with you 6 more interesting Most Improved Golfers.

Orinda Country Club, Lori Huhn– Lori’s handicap dropped from 32.2 to 27.9. She took lessons and increased her practice to improve her game. She also plays most weekends with her husband. She has been playing golf for 2 years. She will continue working on improving by focusing on her short game and putting. She agrees with her husband when he says…

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