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Women’s Golf Day Plans at 3 WGANC Clubs

June 1, 2017

Lynda Donahue.
San Francisco Area Director

Sierra View Country Club will be participating in the nationwide Women’s Golf Day event. It will be held on June 6 from 4-6 pm at the practice facility. David Sutherland, Sacramento State Girls Golf Coach will be making an appearance. Local high School girl’s golf teams have been invited. Plans are continuing to develop to make this a special day. Contact Dawn Colli, Captain, for more information.

Maryellen Peters, Captain reports that Granite Bay Golf Club has morning and afternoon fun-filled activities planned for Women’s Golf Day.

Woodbridge Country Club will also be celebrating Women’s Golf Day. Both 9-hole and 18-hole Ladies’ Clubs at Woodbridge Golf & Country Club are participating together in this world wide event.  18-hole Captain, Sandi Page, says that this event has provided an opportunity for the two clubs to work together!  All of the details have not been worked out, but here’s what she can report as of this date: The 18-hole group is called the Woodbridge Women’s Golf Association (WWGA) and the 9-hole group is called the Fore-Tee Niners (49ers).  The General Manager, Ernie Micelli, and Pro, Kelly Runkle, worked with the WWGA Captain to make this a unique event and very affordable!

The event will begin with a putting lesson/activity at 4:00pm, then continue to a 4:30pm shotgun.  The group will play 9 holes, all par 3’s.  Females 8 years & under will play 3 holes, 9-16 year olds will play 6 holes and all others will play 9 holes.  It should be fun golf–no tournament, no winners.

After golf, light appetizers will be served and fun, interactive games will be played until 7:00pm.  The cost for all of this will be $5.00!!  What a great bargain.

Organizers are working on getting Channel 3 News or the local newspaper for some positive coverage of this women’s event. Outstanding high school golfers have been asked to make an appearance and give some instruction or inspiration to the younger females who visit that day.

Posters advertising the event are positioned in different places throughout the Woodbridge Clubhouse. The event will also be included in the June monthly bulletin. For more information, contact Sandi Page, Captain, Woodbridge Country Club.



Keeping Up With Our Interns

April 15, 2017

Lynda Donahue
San Francisco Director

2016 WGANC Boatwright Intern, Madison Ricks, was recently hired for a 12 week internship at NBC’s Sports Group’s Golf Channel in Orlando, Florida. Madison will work with the Senior Director of Golf Central. Madison completed her 3-month internship with WGANC on August 8, 2016. She was great to work with and her tenure at WGANC provided her with a variety of experiences in the inner workings of the association.

Madison will be primarily working with the production of the daily show, “Golf Central”. The daily show reports everything that is happening in the world of golf. It is the only live, daily news source in the world of golf. The 30-minute daily show provides in-depth analysis, highlights, and up to the minute golf news. “I am really excited for the amazing opportunity, and thankful for my P.J. Boatwright internship in the WGANC office,” writes Madison. Madison goes on to state, “It gave me such a unique background and experience to draw from. I believe it helped me stand out over some other applicants.” The P.J. Boatwright Internship Program is funded through a grant from the United States Golf Association.

The 2015-16 P. J. Boatwright Intern, Caitlin Banke complete an 8-month internship with WGANC in May 2016. She will be attending Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Caitlin attended Menlo College and played on the Menlo Women’s Golf Team while interning at WGANC. Caitlin writes, “I know that I could not have continued my education at Trinity College had it not been for the help I receive during my Internship at WGANC. I will always look back fondly at my time at WGANC.”

WGANC Executive Director, Eva Monisteri stated, “We are proud of Caitlin and Madison and we are happy to hear that they are both achieving some success as a result of the P. J. Boatwright Internship experience here in the WGANC Office.”

WGANC just hired our 2017 Boatwright intern. Her name is Ritida Nanda and she is a senior at Monte Vista High School in Danville. She will play golf for Santa Clara University this fall. We are very excited to have Ritida as our intern this year! You will hear more about Ritida in articles to come…

Volunteers at Rules School

April 15, 2017

Vicki Wilson and Janet Winslow

Janet Winslow of Discovery Bay CC, Lynne Gangi of Half Moon Bay Golf Links and Debbie Mackie of Riverview G&CC all attended this year’s PGA / USGA Rules of Golf Workshop – a 3½-day workshop held annually by The PGA of America and the USGA. The workshops are held throughout the US and Janet, Lynne and Debbie attended the one held in Sacramento from March 24th through the 27th.

Their accomplishment is no small feat – The workshop they attended:  Rules of Golf Workshop – is a 3½-day intensive workshop covering all 34 Rules of Golf, unabridged and in detail.  The 3 days of lectures are followed by a half- day exam.  The exam is timed and consists of 100 multiple choice questions which cover all types of rules scenarios.

Since 1975, The PGA of America and the United States Golf Association, working together to support the best interests of the game, have offered a series of workshops on the Rules of Golf. These workshops are open to the public and bring together several of the foremost Rules of Golf educators in the game, with the goal of making the Rules accessible to anyone who wishes to learn more about them or sharpen their existing knowledge.

This was Janet’s 3rd USGA Rules School – a necessity to maintain her Rules Certification. A week prior to attending this workshop she successfully completed and passed the NCGA Rules Class!  Now she is “good to go” for the next 3 years. Janet says she likes to “jump in with both feet” to accomplish her goals.  I say Bravo and congratulations!

Janet will take this experience and knowledge back with her to her Rules volunteering that she does with WGANC, NCGA, CWAC and NCPGA.

We at WGANC say THANK YOU to all the wonderful Rules Volunteers!

Rules Corner: ‘Through the Green’

April 15, 2017


Suzanne Olsen
Certified Rules Official, WGANC & NCGA

If you have ever attended a Rules seminar/presentation you’ve been told that the most useful and important thing you can do is know the definitions in the very front of the Rules book. Knowing them can help in many situations, so in that vein I am going to review a couple of them over the next few months and give examples of their use and importance.

When you read the definitions in the Rules Book it’s helpful to know that anything in italics has its very own definition.

This month, let’s look at the definitions of Through the Green and The Course:

“Through the green” is the whole area of the course except:
a. the teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played; and
b. all hazards on the course

The “course” is the whole area within any boundaries established by the Committee (see Rule 33-2).

Seems straightforward, right? Let’s look at three situations where knowing this definition is important.

Here I am with my ball on a cart path. The green is actually behind me, and I am right handed, so my NPR (nearest point of relief) will be off the cart path to the right, in the rough.

I’ve dropped my ball within one club length of my NPR and it rolls onto the fairway, within 2 club-lengths of where it struck the ground in the allowable area.

Some of you may think that the ball has to stay in the rough. But in fact, this is a good drop and I am a happy girl. Notice that there is nothing in the definition of “through the green” about “rough” or “fairway”. My ball is through the green on the course-yay!

Here’s another situation. Again, I am right handed. This shows that my ball is in ground under repair, but the same would be true if I was on a cart path in the same position.

Because my ball is Through the Green, I have to find my NPR on the course through the green, and drop within one club-length. In this example, my NPR will be in the middle of the tree! That tree is in fact through the green. I don’t get to decide my NPR is elsewhere. The fact that I can’t physically take my stance and determine my NPR means that I have to estimate the spot and drop within one club-length. In this case I may decide not to take relief! Imagine this same scenario, with thick ugly ice plant to the right, instead of a tree. That would still be through the green, so again, I may decide not to take relief.

And finally, did you know that 90% of courses in the United States have adopted the following Local Rule for an embedded ball?
“Through the green, a ball that is embedded may be lifted, cleaned and dropped, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green.”

Again, no differentiation between rough and fairway!