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The 2016 WGANC Pendant Winners

WGANC Women's Golf Pendant As you know, in an effort to revive the significance of the WGANC Pendants, in 2016 the Board of Directors decided to recognize those players who received a pendant for achievements based on suggested guidelines for awarding.  For those clubs who follow the Guidelines, the Board of Directors would like to recognize those players who have received a medal this year and each year going forward.

After the list of winners is a description of suggested guidelines for awarding the pendant. View the suggested guidelines.

A big congratulations to the following members who received a WGANC Pendant in 2016

Belmont Country Club Raeann Scheidt, Linda Kinchen
Blackhawk Country Club Andrea Petralia, Laura Carlson, Kim Davis, Lisa Cook, Joni Scott, Myong Jarvis
Bodega Harbor, The Links at Edna Irving, Ellen Meuse
Brookside Country Club Sylvia Bachman, Harriet Catania
Butte Creek Golf Club Vicki Ellcessor, Irma Jenkins
Castlewood Country Club In Ra, Sang Choi, Canossa Sue, Lisa Harvey, May Fudenna, Nina Park
Catta Verdera Country Club Laura Faber, Lisa Pae, Linda Bunker
Crow Canyon Country Club Kay Michael, JoAnn Floriani, Teresita Laron
Crystal Springs Club Sara Kim, Yon Lee
Del Rio Country Club Gail Perez, Jeanne Abbott, Sun Ohm, Melanie Griffith
Diablo Country Club Susan Lipscomb, Elizabeth Ditzler, Christy Habetz
Discovery Bay Golf Club Sandy Smith, Bonnie Ladd, Dana Wardstrom
Elkhorn Golf Club Joyce Belt
Fort Washington Golf & Country Club Kristan Gilbert, Barbara Graham, Jane Quiring, Patty Bennett
Fountaingrove Golf & Athletic Club Paulette Vadon, Kathy White
Green Hills Country Club Sandi Blodget
Greenhorn Creek Golf Club Dianne Weygandt, Mei Juknelis, Sharon Poff, Joan Armknecht, Carolyn Butler, Barbara Souza
Half Moon Bay Golf Club Sunghea Chang, Mary Chigos, Delores Crabb, Sara Mitchell, Beverly Watts
La Rinconada Golf Club Linda Formico, Claire Baxter, Pat Ramirez, Allene Williams, Pat Yates
Lake Wildwood Golf Club Joyce Maddox, Maddie Graham, Kerri Julian
Los Altos Golf & Country Club Linda Yum, Theresa Hahn and Peggy Lee
Marin Country Club Himali Ghale, Ann Suyderhoud, Eileen Child
Meadow Club Jane Forbes, Kate Washburn, Sharman Gould, Ginny Jozwik
Merced Golf & Country Club Sharon Sanchez
Mira Vista Golf & Country Club Terri Huang, Sandy Westall, Judith Little
Napa Valley County Club Cheryl Salmon, Jane Kincaid, Janet Kroyer, Nancy Gates
North Ridge Country Club Linda Wilson, Meri McGraw, Patti Plant, Linda Elliott
Oakmont Golf Club Mary Rossi, Linda Kilpatrick
Pajaro Valley Golf Club Beverly Hiura
Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club Luann Schwab, Diann Yen, Ying Chow
Rancho Murietta Chieko Martin, Lucia Choi, Connie Heimbecker, Sharon Croswell, Claudia Faeth
River Island Country Club Linda Peterson
Riverview Golf and Country Club Wanda Hollenbeck, Cathy Peck, Susan Taylor, Cindy Greenhood, Debbie Mackie
Rossmoor Golf Club Agnes Shin, Peggy Yamada, Karin Romak and Mitzi Weinberg
San Jose Country Club Patrice Taylor, Bonnie Middlebrooks, Kathy Bousquet
Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club Barbara Doolittle, Ann Fisher, Nancy Luke
Seascape Golf Club Monica Matthews
Sequoia Woods Golf Club Karen Chu, Elise Hanrahan, Harriet Johns, Cindy Gibbs
Sierra View Golf & Country Club Sandra Ashbaugh, Bonnie Brown, Linda Downing, Beth Frkovich, Leslie Ferrini
Silverado Country Club Dede Bell, Carol Laughlin, Leandra Stewart, Erica Valentine
Spring Golf & Country Club Shelly Zeff, Jane Findarle
The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch Sherree Anderson, Elaine Rickard
The Peninsula Golf & Country Club Janine Sturiale, Penny Bellamy, Chris Budd, Sally Myerson, Chris Timmerman, Laurel Marino, Rena Ling-Chan, Arlette Monfredini
Turlock Golf Club Jeanie Harcksen, Lorraine Gonsalves
Valley Hi Country Club Laura Waller, Carol Tanaka, Lois Hess, Joanna Tom
Villages Golf & Country Club Barbara Nilsen, Ann Crews, Cindy Fuller, Beverly Poellot, Jungwha Kim, Bette Samdahl
Wilcox Oaks Golf Club Cathy Gumm, Linda Hardaway, Loretta Rahn, Patti Walker
Winchester Country Club Kathy Southgate, Gill Brown, Marilyn Rose
Yolo Fliers Club Jeanette Marquez, Carmen White, Rorie Butterfield


“WGANC Pendants are distributed to each member club based on one award for each club having 30 or fewer members and one award for each additional 30 members or major fraction thereof. Only WGANC members of the women’s group are eligible to compete for these awards.

Members may compete at their own club. If a member belongs to more than one club, she may compete at each of those clubs.

The month of presentation is designated by the Captain. Unless notified to the contrary, pendants will be distributed to all clubs at the Area Meetings, typically held in the Fall. The WGANC office will determine the number of pendants for each club, based on the member club GHIN handicap report as of August 1.”


  1. At the beginning of the year, select months when the majority of your members will be expected to be playing their home course on any regular competition day. WGANC suggests that a minimum of six days be offered for competition and the best three net scores of the six rounds selected be used to determine the winners.
  2. If a club has more than 30 members, the field may be divided into flights.
  3. Awards may be determined as follows:
    a. The tournament chair, or other designated person, shall select three or more months during the play year that members can compete for the awards. She shall select one or more days from each of three or more months (the months need not be consecutive) and announce the dates that the members will be competing for WGANC pendants,
    b. The player(s) having the lowest total for three net scores for the period shall be the winner(s).
    c. In the event of ties, a fourth net score may be used, fifth net score, etc., or the club may use a blind draw. Whatever method is chosen must be announced to the players before the competition. Additional pendants are not given to member clubs for ties.